Pin Grading

Please kindly note that all pins are handmade and not every pin is perfect. Every pin maker has their own grading standard.

Defects may differ between each pin and will be chosen at random. When you purchase a pin from Neko Neko Mart, you agree to accept the item AS IS according to the grading system below.

Here’s how we grade our pins.

Standard Grade 

Free of major defects but may include some defects that are undetectable:

  • tiny air bubbles in the enamel or epoxy coating
  • light scratches or dents to metal surfaces
  • grime or dust in the enamel
  • imperfections to the sides or back of the metal
  • slightly misaligned screen printing
  • stray specks of enamel paint
  • stray glitter specks
  • slightly lower or overfills in minor areas
  • slightly discoloured enamel
  • other imperfections that are only visible up close or held at a certain angle towards the light

Second Grade

Depending on the pin, multiple minor to major defects ranging from the list above and below: 

  • low fill in large areas enamel
  • wrong coloured enamel
  • discolouration or staining
  • disorientation on the plating (too thick/thin/missing lines on the artwork)
  • severely scratched or dented surface on the enamel or metal
  • wobbly posts
  • oddly shaped rubber clutches (that are still functional)

Oopsie Pins

These have major defects and may also have minor to major defects ranging from the lists above:

  • peeling or missing enamel
  • missing posts
  • completely wrong colours
  • large and random blobs of enamel

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